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Message from Paul

Paul & Friends

Me,Tommy, Matt Starr and Jason Scheff rehearsed and  did a surprise 3 song performance at a private party at the Sunset Tower Hotel. We did Detroit, God Gave and R&R All Nite. We sounded AWESOME!

Message from Paul


For a long time, people have asked me about my jewelry — not just the pieces I wear onstage, but the pieces I wear offstage. Now, for the first time, all of these iconic pieces are available to you! KISS Kruisers, order your jewelry NOW…

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Message from Paul

Vienna, Austria

Visited the Albertina Museum in Vienna today. Great art is timeless. Go to a museum. See art the way it should be seen. In person. Up close.

Message from Paul


Bologna this afternoon.I love EVERYTHING about Italy. It’s in my blood & my heart. Part of me stays when I leave. Part of Italy goes with me

Message from Paul

The Phantom

1999 Toronto, Pantages Theater. The Phantom. Seems like yesterday. A stellar & gracious cast, we made magic together. I WILL do more.